Aluminium Copings & Secret Fix Copings

A variety of widths and shapes of aluminium coping available. Wind tested to 144 mph, you will ensure ultimate performance and longevity, whatever the elements throw at you.

Aluminium Secret Fix copings
customised for your Project

Wall copings are an integral part of any building structure, providing a watertight protective barrier for parapet walls and roofs.

In basic terms, the coping itself is not bolted to the wall, but a bracket is, which the coping attaches to. This means the finished coping has a clean visual line, and also benefits from being watertight as it has no holes going straight through it.

The bracket is extruded in a specific design that makes the coping clip-fix to it. The brackets are bolted to the wall and then the coping is pressed securely on top. This attachment is so secure that it often means the coping can never be taken off again without damaging it.

HJA’s aluminium wall capping systems are available in three standard profiles & bespoke options:

  • Squared 
  • Weathered
  • Ridged

Advantages of Secret Fix Copings

  • Wind tested to 144mph
  • Custom-made
  • Easily cut and formed.
  • Lightweight: a big advantage both during construction and in reducing building mass.
  • Wide range of decorative finishes: it's often desirable to match copings with window frames. We can offer a wide range of colours to suit your applications.
  • Green credentials: aluminium is made from recycled material and when the coping or structure reach the end of their life the aluminium is also easily recycled again.
  • Polymer weather sealing gaskets to prevent wind rattle. 


Secret Fix Powder Coating & Finishing

Our aluminium secret fix copings come in a vast range of colours, available from standard RAL & BS Colours to Metallics, meaning you can create a unique aesthetic, no matter what the application may be.

Secret fix copings come in a variety of powder coated RAL options

Secret Fix Coping Technical Information

Widths: up to 750mm

Leg Heights: up to 300mm

Standard Lengths: 1250mm / 1500mm / 2000mm / 2500mm / 3000mm

(Any special length up to 3000mm can be manufactured to special order, to suit your exact requirements. Contact us for more information.)

Each Wall Capping profile is available with a complete range of accessories to ensure quick installation and a professional finish, including:

- Corners - 90 degree and irregular angles are available

- Tee Sections - 90 degree and irregular angles are available

- Stop Ends

- Intersections / Upstands

In addition to our standard ranges of capping, HJA Fabrications has the design expertise and experience to produce bespoke capping products, including:
Curved sections - manufactured to any radius to give a contemporary appearance to curved wall parapets.
Special profiles - rather than just the three standard profiles, please call us to discuss your design ideas or precise requirements.
Unequal legs - we can adapt leg lengths and brackets to suit situations where equal legs are not suitable.
Integration with other finishes - we can develop our products to interface with other building finishes.

We provide:

  • 90 degree Sections
  • Straight Capped Sections
  • T Sections
  • Upstand Intersections


Other standard dimensional details available on request.

Different aluminium coping components

Download datasheets for our squared, weathered and ridged copings:

Squared CopingWeathered CopingRidged Coping

Square Coping Datasheet Thumbnail

Square Coping Datasheet

Weathered Coping Datasheet Thumbnailsheet Thumbnail

Weathered Coping Datasheet

Ridged Coping Datasheet Thumbnail

Ridged Coping Datasheet

Download our secret fix coping wind test certificate:

Wind test certificate thumbnail

HJA Fabrications secret fix copings

HJA Secret Fix Copings

Our Innovative Aluminium Coping System is Wind Tested to 144mph!

Our unique wall Capping/Coping system is custom made to your requirements (750mm wide x 3300mm length max). HJA Fabrication’s Secret Fix has a  well-kept secret in the system used to keep the capping securely fixed to the support brackets. This means the fixing is out of sight once the capping has been clip-fixed into position.

The Secret Fix brackets incorporate polymer weather sealing gaskets to eliminate rainwater and prevent wind rattle. Designed and independently wind tested to 144mph, HJA Secret Fix can be supplied to meet every possible wind loading requirement here in the UK. The capping can be made straight or curved and can be standard, weathered or pitched.

Why choose HJA?

Our Aluminium Copings can be made from 2mm or 3mm aluminium depending on the requirement and size. Lengths, Corners, T-Sections and Upstands are all manufactured to a stunning high standard.

We can arrange meetings to be flexible with you, being able to hold them wherever convenient. These consultations will be crucial in helping us identify your needs and requirements for your project.

HJA Fabrications custom coping systems

Technical section

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