Apartment Block - Leamington Spa


Apartment Block – Leamington Spa


HJA were commissioned to supply the various roof blocks, roof copings, fascias and flashing for a new apartment block on station approach, in Leamington spa.

This project included a range of different coloured roof panels to bring a modern, and contemporary aesthetic to the building.


Challenges to overcome.

When it came to this project, the customer was looking for a fabricators that could supply most of the elements they needed. That’s why they decided to use HJA as other fabricators could only offer limited components, whilst we offered the full range to meet all their needs, in both quality and quantity.

How did HJA Fabrications approach the project?

HJA didn’t want to only supply the elements needed. Instead, we wanted to make them appealing to the people living there, resulting in the different shades of grey on the roof panelling, with a coping that matches the darkest shade, as well as other aspects of the building, such as the balconies and downpipes. To achieve this result, we used the RAL colour system and the endless colour options that it provides.

Delivering the solution.

HJA worked closely with the client to ensure the project was what they were looking for. We used our skilled employees to produce high-quality fabrications for this project. We also used the best materials to go along with the craftsmanship, to give the overall project a sophisticated, yet casual look to it, in order to appeal to the future buyers and residents of the building.

How did your client win?

The client was pleased with the craftsmanship, as well as the looks of this project, as it delivered exactly what they wanted, in a shorter time period. This then led to the client coming back to work with HJA on a number of different project as a result. This repeat business demonstrated how satisfied they were with the job.

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