What Are Aluminium Soffits And Fascias

What Are Aluminium Soffits And Fascias?

Soffits and fascias are terminologies used in the construction industry to describe the outside finishing of a structure where the roof ends.

When these lesser-known components are present, they may go unnoticed, but without them, you will realise that something isn’t quite right. They not only finish a structure, but they also provide a useful role too.

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The word ‘soffit’ derives from the French language and means ‘something fixed beneath.’ They are most typically utilised in the main roofing area, although they can also be found under porches and even stairwells.

The soffit of a roofing system has a dual purpose: it enhances the appearance of the roof while also protecting the rafters from the elements. If the rafters were not protected by a soffit, they would deteriorate over time and perhaps allow mould into a building, both of which are major concerns that may be costly to repair.

Once mould has entered premises, it is nearly impossible to remove without the assistance of a remediation company.

Benefits Of Aluminium Soffits

Aluminium soffits, which come invented forms, are also part of a building’s ventilation. They allow air to move throughout the house while limiting the amount of moisture that can seep in, minimising damp problems.

Soffits are an important component of any roofing project since they cover the underside of roof edges and aid with weather resistance. This extends the life of the roof and reduces the need for roof care. They are aesthetically pleasing and functional parts of any roofing system.

HJA Fabrications offers three common systems, but others can be developed, all of which are custom-designed to meet your needs. We can also include ventilation openings into the soffit systems if necessary.

Polyester powder-coated (PPC) aluminium soffit systems are available in a wide selection of BS and RAL colours. 2–3 weeks is the standard turnaround time after production designs are signed off.

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Plank Soffit System

To ensure that our soffits are built to a high standard and provide a perfect finish to your roof edge detailing, we use a Plank System.

The traditional “shiplap” appearance is achieved with the plank aluminium soffit system. The widths are custom manufactured to meet the soffit width and are supplied in 3-metre lengths as standard. Plank aluminium soffit systems offer a hidden anchoring method as well.

Secret Fix Soffit System

Secrets of HJA Fabrications The Fix aluminium soffit system removes visible fasteners for a smooth, continuous soffit line.

Panels are typically supplied in 3-metre lengths, but various lengths can be made to match windows, columns, mullions, or other gridline impacts.

Standard Panel Soffit System

The standard panel aluminium soffit system provides a practical and low-cost soffit solution.  To reduce their visual impact, colour matched fasteners are supplied.

What Are Fascias?

Fascias are the boards that attach to the rafter ends to give your structure a finished aspect. Fascias can be made of wood, wood composite (resin-coated), or PVC.

Benefits Of Aluminium Facias

  • Building eaves with square and rectangular shapes have a conventional appearance and are frequently employed in renovation and replacement projects.

  • Bullnose and quadrant fascias are popular and give a structure a modern look.
  • Elliptical and aerofoil fascias provide an eaves design a modern, sleek look, which is very effective when concealing a deep roof structure.

Meet The Measurements Of Soffits

The widths are custom manufactured to meet the soffit width and are supplied in 3-metre lengths as standard. Other lengths are available to accommodate windows, columns, mullions, and other gridline influences.

Brackets and carcassing can be provided as needed to give a custom-made support system that can help speed up installation.

HJA soffit ranges can be tailored to work with any fascia profile. Ventilation apertures can be added to the eaves system as needed.


Soffits and fascias serve a dual purpose: they protect your building while also giving it a polished, aesthetically pleasing appearance. As a result, don’t forget to include these important but lesser-known factors while designing your roof.

HJA Fabrications’ Secret Fix Aluminium Copings satisfy all of the ideals in regards to copings. They are also lightweight, durable and available in a wide range of finishes and colours

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