Why Select Aluminium Soffits

Why Should Select Aluminium Soffits?

A Soffit is a crucial element of many structures, both functionally and aesthetically. It protects the rafter beams that make up the roof structure from the weather and minimises the quantity of damp entering a building by connecting the roof overhang and the side of the building.

The soffit also serves an aesthetic role, providing a touch of elegance to a building’s roof perimeter.

If you’re a roofing contractor debating which type of soffit to choose from, continue reading to find out why you should opt for aluminium…

Soffits Are Usually Constructed With Wood

Soffits are commonly made of wood, which is thought to be warm and natural. The issue is that wood rots with time, necessitating soffit replacement on a regular basis.

Many roofing contractors are turning to different materials like aluminium because it requires less upkeep and will compliment any style of building.

Aluminium Soffits Are Strong And Durable

The soffits are the external underneath areas of your roof and need to be repaired or replaced if they are damaged.

Depending on the material that your soffits are made of, they may require more frequent replacement or repair work. However, aluminium soffits are extremely strong and durable and can last at least 25 years, outperforming standard materials such as uPVC.

Aluminium soffits are also lightweight, making it easy for contractors to handle, saving you money on labour.

Aluminium Soffits: They’re Water Resistant

Soffits allow air to move throughout the building while limiting the amount of moisture that can seep in, minimising damp problems.

Due to most aluminium systems being polyester powder coated, they won’t corrode – ideal if you live in an area that’s susceptible to rainfall.

Aluminium soffits will not chip, crack or rot and is highly malleable – making them perfect fitting into varied spaces.

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Aluminium Soffits Are Environmentally Friendly

Most aluminium guttering, soffits, and fascias are constructed from at least 80% recycled aluminium. So, when it comes time to replace your soffits, you can be assured that they are recyclable – making them an environmentally friendly option.

Types Of Aluminium Soffits

HJA Fabrications offers three standard systems, but others can be customised to match your specific requirements. If necessary, ventilation gaps can be incorporated into the soffit systems.

Aluminium soffit systems with polyester powder coating (PPC) are available in a variety of BS and RAL colours. After production drawings are approved, the normal turnaround time is 2–3 weeks.

Plank Soffit System

We use a Plank System to ensure that our soffits are built to a high quality and provide an excellent finish to your roof edge details.

The plank aluminium soffit system creates a typical “shiplap” appearance. The widths are custom made to fit the soffit width and are typically supplied in 3-metre lengths. Plank aluminium soffit systems also come with a hidden anchoring mechanism.

Secret Fix Soffit System

HJA Fabrications’ Secrets For a smooth, continuous soffit line, the Fix aluminium soffit system eliminates visible fasteners.

Panels are normally 3 metres long, although custom lengths can be constructed to meet windows, columns, mullions, or other gridline impacts.

Standard Panel Soffit System

The standard panel aluminium soffit system is a cost-effective and practical soffit option for your roofing project. To suit your individual needs, colour-matched fasteners are provided to lessen their visual impact.


Selecting aluminium for your soffits will not only improve the aesthetics of your building but will also provide a long-term solution.

Contact us today for more information about our aluminium soffits, as well as any of our other products.

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