How To Choose The Right Rainwater System


Aluminium guttering is finally seeing its resurgence, due to its undeniable benefits over the plastic alternatives. Let’s compare them both and decide the true winner.

6 Reasons To Choose An Aluminium Rainwater System

reasons to choose aluminium rainwater systems

Compared with alternative materials, an aluminium rainwater system has many distinct advantages to ensure you can get the design you want whilst sticking to your budget. But don’t let us tell you, let the facts speak for themselves…  Aluminium Rainwater Systems Are Lightweight  Compared to its counterparts, steel and cast iron, aluminium is extremely lightweight, […]

3 Types of Aluminium Rainwater Pipes.

What type of aluminium rainwater pipe is best suited to my project?  Will the type I choose even affect my water system?  Why are all the options so confusing?! We know choosing your design of rainwater pipe can seem like a complicated task amongst others in the grand scheme of completing an entire water system. […]

Which Balustrade Material Has the Most Design Flexibility?

Whilst we have discussed the strength of various balustrade materials, strength is nothing if it doesn’t fit in with your dream design concept! Whether you’re after a classic, sleek or modern look for your project, we will help you on your way to finding the balustrade with the most design flexibility. In this post, we’ll […]

Aluminium Balustrades: Strength or Lightweight?

The hunt for the perfect balustrade for your project can be overwhelming, with pros and cons depending on the budget, scale and aesthetics you want to achieve..  Whether you’re looking to choose your metal balustrade based on its strength (steel balustrades) or its lightweight properties (aluminium balustrades) , we have all the information you’ll be […]

Top Benefits of Aluminium Balustrades

Top benefits aluminium balustrades

If you’re after balustrades for your construction project, it can be overwhelming with so many options available. So why is it that aluminium balustrades (not that we are biased) are so beneficial? Balustrades are fundamental to any construction project to edge everything from bridges, decking and terraces to balconies and staircases. But practicality and safety […]

Secret Fix Copings: Your Complete Guide to Specification

Secret Fix Copings Your Complete Guide to Specification | HJA Fabrications

Wall copings are a fundamental part of any building structure, providing a watertight protective barrier for parapet walls and roofs. Copings don’t just cap the top of a wall, but come down both sides, encasing it and adding extra protection all the way around.  But when it comes to standard aluminium copings, they do often fall […]

Secret Fix Copings: What to Look Out For

Secret Fix Copings: What to Look Out For

Wall copings are a fundamental part of any building structure, providing a watertight protective barrier for parapet walls and roofs. However, copings are also visible. Let’s face it, roofs are now often deliberately designed into architectural projects and we have seen a massive increase in residents having access to their roof as well as living […]