Aluminium vs. Plastic Guttering

Our gutters see a lot of use throughout the year. On average reports say it rains 156.2 days per year in the UK (and even that feels generous!).

Two of the most common forms used in the UK are aluminium and plastic guttering. Whilst plastic gutters are seen as the cheapest option, they can end up costing you more money in the long-run due to maintenance and their lack of durability.

In this blog we will discuss whether plastic is still the way to go in 2021 and compare them to the possibly superior alternative – Aluminium guttering.

Read on to find out which material wins this bout and which you should choose for your gutters.

Aluminium Gutters – A Worthwhile Investment

Aluminium guttering has fallen to the wayside in recent years. With plastic alternatives offering a much lower entry cost, consumers naturally let the pricings sway their decision.

In recent years, however, aluminium guttering has finally seen it’s resurgence, due to the extensive list of benefits it provides.

Buyers are realising that the quality found in aluminium gutters more than makes up for the relatively small extra cost. Metal guttering is far superior in almost every way, with its extended longevity and reliability.

Plastic guttering famously needs to be replaced quite frequently, especially after a heavy storm -where they usually suffer physical damage.

Aluminium, on the other hand, is not only lightweight but incredibly durable; it often stands the test of time for years without any need for maintenance.

As well as being able to take a beating, aluminium is also impervious to rust and doesn’t suffer the issues of brittleness like it’s plastic counterpart.

Aluminium guttering takes the win here, proving it’s worth the investment.

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Choice matters!

The option to have, well… options is important.

Plastic guttering is not known for being pretty. With black, white and grey being the only real colour options, you also don’t have the choice of customising it’s look.

UPVC gutters can often have a negative effect on the aesthetic of a building, with many deeming them tacky and an eyesore.

Aluminium gutters, in comparison, are not only aesthetically pleasing but can be custom made to suit almost any building.

With an array of finishes available due to powder coating, aluminium guttering can appeal to everyone.

For example, at HJA Fabrications, our aluminium guttering comes with a variety of power coating finishes ranging from RAL to BS colour options and even heritage textured finishes.

Again, aluminium beats out plastic guttering here with its wide array of finishing choices.

Plastic guttering – Slightly cheaper, but what is the real cost?

In the UK alone, it is estimated that 5 million tonnes of plastic is used every single year. By now we know the effects this is having on the planet.

Every industry is responsible for making drastic ecological changes. Fortunately, we don’t have look very far to find an alternative.

Aluminium is often overlooked for it’s numerous green credentials. It is one of the most recyclable materials on the market – as it has the ability to be infinitely recycled into itself.

The cost of aluminium is so low, that when met with the savings provided by its high-recyclability, aluminium guttering ensures that your investment will pay off.

Once again, aluminium gutters prove to not only be the smart choice, but the conscientious choice too.

So, aluminium or plastic guttering?

Whilst plastic gutters main benefit has always been it’s cheap cost, this has become less of a substantial gain over recent years.

Aluminium now boasts similar (if slightly higher) costs as well as a plethora of incredible advantages over it’s UPVC alternatives.

Stronger, resilient, aesthetically pleasing and good for the planet – aluminium is undoubtedly the go-to choice when it comes to choosing your guttering systems.

Winner: Aluminium Guttering. Unrivalled in its benefits, there is no competition – aluminium is the one for you.

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