Worcester Oncology Unit


Worcester Oncology Unit


HJA were commissioned by Britannia to supply capping, facias and corners for the new state of the art Worcestershire oncology centre.

HJA Fabrications had to ensure the work was carried out to a high standard in a short space of time for this new build.


What Was the Problem?

Patients at Worcester hospital who needed radio therapy previously had to travel to Wolverhampton, Coventry, or Cheltenham for treatment. However, the construction of this centre allowed them to receive the treatment they needed, much closer to home, saving patients traveling a combined million miles per year in journeys for therapy. As we all know, travel can be very stressful at the best of times, so this reduction in miles for patients can only make their therapy visits as pleasant as possible.

HJA Fabrications had to ensure the work was carried out to a high standard in a short space of time for this new build.

How Did HJA Fabrications Approach the Project?

We knew how important it was to get this job right, and also to get it done on time, to the standard required.

The last thing we wanted was to cause project delays, but due to our efficient and skilled craftsmen on the shop floor, we were able to have everything complete long before the centre opened.

Delivering the Solution

When it came to delivering what was specified, we ensured our products were made to the highest quality possible, but we also wanted to fit the aesthetic of the centre, and make it as welcoming as possible to its visitors.

We knew the products we supplied would have to last a long time, as any maintenance or additional construction required may disrupt patient’s treatment. This meant that the product quality and longevity was the main focus.

How Did Our Client Win?

For us, the client wasn’t only Britannia, but the patients that would be using the centre. We were able to be part of making their treatment easier for them, by taking out the need to travel so far for it.

We also feel Britannia benefitted from working with us, as they were provided with a high-quality product, which was made in time for the opening of the centre.

It is clear to see Britannia were happy with the products and craftsmanship of our products on this project, as they have commissioned us to work with them on projects post this one.

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