Top benefits aluminium balustrades

Top Benefits of Aluminium Balustrades

If you’re after balustrades for your construction project, it can be overwhelming with so many options available. So why is it that aluminium balustrades (not that we are biased) are so beneficial? Balustrades are fundamental to any construction project to edge everything from bridges, decking and terraces to balconies and staircases. But practicality and safety shouldn’t come with sacrifices to both the budget and aesthetic dreams.

Aluminium balustrades tick all of the right boxes for cost-effectiveness, durability and individuality, so you won’t be left falling for below par products or quality.

If you’re still unsure why aluminium balustrades are the right choice for you, have a read to understand why they are the missing element in your winning construction formula…

Aluminium Balustrades are Cost-Effective

Compared to its steel and iron counterparts, aluminium is just as durable and vastly lighter, offering the same elegance without the weight. The benefits of being lightweight improve not only transport costs but ease in unloading, with only basic tools required for their simple construction. With HJA’s aluminium production takes place right here in the UK, the job can be done to a higher standard, in significantly less time.

Compared to its cheaper wooden counterpart, aluminium’s longevity and low maintenance means the slight increase in initial price means lower maintenance and zero replacement costs later down the line.

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Durability of Aluminium Balustrades

As aforementioned, aluminium, compared to rot-prone wood, is highly durable in both indoor and outdoor settings. Unlike its competitor’s aluminium won’t splinter, twist, shrink or warp. Holding up against rain, ice, snow and UV rays, it proves ideal for an English climate (perhaps the UV rays is a little optimistic!).

With a high resistance to corrosion and rust, there is no need to polish, varnish or touch up paint on aluminium balustrades. Compared to stainless steel, which tends to ‘tea-stain’ if positioned near the coast, aluminium is advisable to be hosed down (if you desire) once every 6-12 months, so not only is it affordable, dependable and safe, it requires minimal upkeep and allows your clients to enjoy their new home in peace!

Our Aluminium Balustrades can be Individualised

While it is important to keep safety and practicality in mind, with our variety of powder coatings you can add a splash of colour to your balustrades to achieve the perfect desired look. A popular choice includes beige metal to give the appearance of natural wood in order to fit in with a contemporary home, without detracting from the whole house. Safety doesn’t have to be bland!

Our aluminium balustrades are supplied and cut to your precise size requirements, mitigating the need for any onsite welding, cutting or fabrication to meet virtually any design requirement, so yours and your customer’s desires are tailored for every need.

Having the perfect balustrades shouldn’t mean a compromise, and there is no better fit for your construction than our aluminium cost-effective, durable and personal balustrades to fit any balcony, staircase or decking requirements and to stir envy with the neighbours!

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HJA Fabrications: Specialists in Aluminium Balustrades

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