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Why Do You Need Secret Fix Copings?

Whether you are an architect or construction company, finding the perfect secret fix coping can be an important part of any roofing job. But why do you need secret fix copings and what makes them better than alternate coping methods?

Wall copings are an integral part of any building structure, providing a watertight protective barrier for parapet walls and roofs. Copings don’t just cap the top of a wall, but come down both sides, encasing it and adding extra protection all the way around.

However, copings are also visible. Whether on a roof or parapet wall, copings are part of residents’ vistas when they look to neighbouring buildings or from their balcony to another’s.

Let’s face it, roofs are now often deliberately designed into architectural projects and we have seen a massive increase in residents having access to their roof as well as living roof gardens and rooftop bars.

To ensure the coping is an attractive addition to a building, using a secret fixing system will guarantee clean lines and a great finish.

Secret fix copings utilise a different fixing system to make sure they are secure without using standard bolts and brackets that do impact the visual aesthetic of the finished product.

How Does a Secret Fix Coping Work?

As most secret fix coping systems are proprietary to the company that develops them, we can only explain how secret fix copings work in principle.

In basic terms, the coping itself is not bolted to the wall, but a bracket is, which the coping attaches to. This means the finished coping has a clean visual line, and also benefits from being watertight as it has no holes going straight through it.

The bracket is extruded in a specific design that makes the coping clip-fix to it. The brackets are bolted to the wall and then the coping is pressed securely on top. This attachment is so secure that it often means the coping can never be taken off again without damaging it.

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Why Do You Need Secret Fix Copings?

When choosing a coping solution, we would always recommend a secret fix system. Not only does it look better but it also provides superior weather protection. As there are no bolts through the copings, water cannot get through.

Secret fix systems are an engineered solution to the key problems that arise with standard fixed copings. With a fixed system, when the aluminium heats up it can cause the coping to bow under the pressure. Over years of expanding and retracing, fixed coping systems have the potential to fail at any moment.

Secondly, fixed copings are also prone to rattle and creak, whether in high winds or hot temperatures. This can be disruptive to tenants or residents, especially during the night.

Finally, fixed coping systems require the fixings to be bolted straight through the coping. This means water can get in, requiring waterproof sealants to be used under the holes and around the joins. This is often unsightly, in the case of bitumen and mastic sealants, but they also degrade over time through exposure to UV light.

However, with a secret fix coping system you can prevent water ingress and the catastrophic issues that can create. No fixings go through the coping meaning there is a weatherproof seal along the top of the wall. This protects the building from damp, leaks, and damage. Not only is cavity insulation protected, but so is any wall rendering.

Secret Fix Copings Are Much Easier to Fit

With a standard coping or capping you can expect to be bolting plywood or a bracket into the wall. Then you have to check its level and add any shims or packers to ensure the coping sits flat. Then you must go along the wall bolting the coping in place, including making the holes. This process can be incredibly time-consuming.

However, with a secret fix system, the engineered solution works in your favour.

You make all the adjustments to the bracket, ensuring its flat, and then go along the wall and snap the copings onto the brackets. You can even cut the copings down in length easily on-site.

Finally, with a secret fix coping system, you also can ensure your residents sleep easy as anti-rattle foam deadens any noise. No fixings mean the coping can also expand without stress or pressure to the metal meaning no creaks or bowing.

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Why Choose HJA’s Secret Fix Coping

HJA’s Secret Fix coping is one of the best on the market. Not only is ours independently wind-tested to 144mph but it also incorporates superb anti-rattle foam.

The HJA Secret Fix copings offer an attractive, low maintenance coping system that is simple to install and secure. The out of sight coping fixings provide a smooth, fastener-free appearance that architects like you want.

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