Secret Fix Copings: Installation Considerations

Secret Fix Copings: Installation Considerations

So you’re thinking of specifying Secret Fix Copings for an upcoming project, but what about installation? Are they easier and simpler to install than standard copings?

Whether you are an architect or a construction company, considering the installation of your upcoming project is important, especially when finding the perfect coping solution. Aluminium secret fix copings can provide a superior installation process on any roofing job whilst also playing an integral role in preventing water ingress.

Copings don’t just cap the top of a wall, but come down both sides, encasing it and adding extra protection all the way around. Being an extensive part of any roofing system, copings must be easy and quick to install as well as provide minimal maintenance for building owners and managers.

In this article, we will explore the installation considerations needed for specifiers choosing a coping system.

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#1 Installing the Secret Fix Bracket

When installing a standard coping system the process is quite time-consuming. First installers must bolt plywood and then a bracket into the wall. Then they go along the wall checking it is level, adding any shims or packers to ensure the coping sits flat. Finally, installers go along the wall bolting the coping in place, including making the holes.

With a Secret Fix system, the process is considerably faster and simpler. Installers make all the adjustments on the Secret Fix bracket, again ensuring its level, and then all they need to do is go along the wall and snap the secret fix copings onto the brackets.

You can even cut the copings down in length easily on-site. The process is much faster and is by far the preferred method of coping when it comes to installation.

If you want to check out a video of how HJA’s Secret Fix copings are installed, you can here.

#2 Lead Time

Secret Fix copings are an engineered bracket that delivers a better quality of installation, however, the drawback to this is they do require a longer lead time due to the added time it takes to manufacture the Secret Fix brackets.

However, due to all the benefits Secret Fix copings provide, ranging from wind-rattle prevention and a more attractive look, to being a superior waterproofing solution and a stronger one at that, specifying Secret Fix copings is worth the longer time it takes to manufacture.

#3 Bi-Metallic Corrosion

Another important consideration for specifying (specifically) aluminium copings is the risk that can run due to bi-metallic corrosion. This form of corrosion occurs due to the placing together of two different metals, which means when installing aluminium copings, the bracket and other installation accessories must also be aluminium (not galvanised steel).

Bi-metallic corrosion can be exacerbated by salt and moisture such as coastal areas.

Another important element to consider when fixing copings is differential movement. Given the effects of expansion or contraction, the efficacy of coping systems can suffer.

Ensuring all of the elements of your roofing system and coping solution are compatible will prevent any issues.

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For architects and specifiers, there are many installation considerations for perfecting a roofing system. Getting them all right however will leave you with a fantastic end result.

Why Choose HJA’s Secret Fix Coping

HJA’s Secret Fix Coping is one of the best on the market. Not only is ours independently wind-tested to 144mph but it also incorporates superb anti-rattle foam.

The HJA Secret Fix copings offer an attractive, low maintenance coping system that is simple to install yet both rigid and secure. The out of sight coping fixings provide a smooth, fastener-free appearance that architects like you want. With extensive options for polyester powder coating and finish, HJA copings provide everything you need in a coping system.

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