Secret Fix Copings Design Considerations

Secret Fix Copings: Design Considerations

Whether you are an architect or a construction company, considering the design of your upcoming project is important, especially finding the perfect coping solution. Aluminium secret fix copings can provide a superior aesthetic to any roofing job whilst also playing an integral role in waterproofing a parapet wall.

Copings don’t just cap the top of a wall, but come down both sides, encasing it and adding extra protection all the way around. Being a visible part of any building, especially on roof gardens or balconies, copings must deliver an attractive finish.

In this article, we will explore the design considerations needed for specifiers choosing a coping system.

#1 Clean Lines

Let’s face it, roofs are now often deliberately designed into architectural projects. We have seen a huge rise in popularity of tenants having access to their roof whether through a living roof garden or a rooftop bar.

For architects specifying copings, secret fix aluminium copings are one of a priority to ensure that the overall building meets the high spec desired on many modern city developments. What’s the point in having a balcony vista if it doesn’t have a beautiful skyline aluminium coping?

Secret fix copings provide a good looking, effective and waterproof system which means wherever roof spaces are deliberately designed into a project, it can achieve a polished look.

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#2 Protect Walls from Stains or Cracks

Secret fix copings benefit from a central bracket attaching it to a wall. This bracket provides a central channel where water that reaches through the joint of the coping can easily runoff. In conjunction with the projection of the coping over the edge of the wall, rainwater is ‘thrown’ away from the brick, preventing drips and stains.

The superior waterproofing of secret fix copings, due to there not being any holes drilled through the surface of the coping, you can also prevent the issues that water ingress creates. This includes the risk of cracked render on a building, due to water damage and the effect of freeze-thaw.

By preventing watermarks and cracked rendering on the outer walls of a building, you can enhance the look of your development. Designing-in secret fix copings into your project ensures you maintain the high-quality visual you are aiming for, for years to come.

#3 Avoid Unsightly Sealants

Finally, fixed coping systems require the fixings to be bolted straight through the coping. This means water can get in, requiring waterproof sealants to be used under the holes and around the joins. This is often unsightly, in the case of bitumen and mastic sealants, but they also degrade over time through exposure to UV light.

However, with a secret fix coping system no fixings are go through the coping which removes the requirement to use excessive amounts of thick, tarry sealant.


For architects and specifiers, there are many design considerations in perfecting a balcony or roof garden on an upcoming project. We hope from this article you can see why secret fix copings are the only option to guaranteeing a superior aesthetic on any parapet wall.

In our next blog, we will discuss the installation considerations when specifying and fixing secret fix copings.

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Why Choose HJA’s Secret Fix Coping

HJA’s Secret Fix Coping is one of the best on the market. Not only is ours independently wind-tested to 144mph but it also incorporates superb anti-rattle foam.

The HJA Secret Fix copings offer an attractive, low maintenance coping system that is simple to install yet both rigid and secure. The out of sight coping fixings provide a smooth, fastener-free appearance that architects like you want. With extensive options for polyester powder coating and finish, HJA copings provide everything you need in a coping system.

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