reasons to choose aluminium rainwater systems

6 Reasons To Choose An Aluminium Rainwater System

Compared with alternative materials, an aluminium rainwater system has many distinct advantages to ensure you can get the design you want whilst sticking to your budget.

But don’t let us tell you, let the facts speak for themselves… 

Aluminium Rainwater Systems Are Lightweight 

Compared to its counterparts, steel and cast iron, aluminium is extremely lightweight, weighing only about a third of other metals. For example, a square cast iron downpipe weighs over 30kg compared to an aluminium downpipe weighing less than 5kg. 


Being more lightweight enables your aluminium water system to be installed quickly, easily and most importantly, cost effectively. 

Aluminium Systems Are Resistant to Impact 

Despite its lightweight nature, aluminium is extremely strong. If impacted, it only dents, absorbing the force of the impact in the deformation, which can be fixed afterwards. 

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Compared to both ends of the spectrum, cast iron perceived to be the strongest and plastic, both would crack under impact and would require immediate replacement. 

But my rainwater pipes don’t need to be resistant to impact? 

Rainwater pipes, especially in the UK (!) are victim to strong winds, heavy rain and hail and even broken branches and debris caught up in storms. Therefore, by choosing the most durable drainpipe now, you will save yourself the hassle in the long term. 

But choosing a strong rainwater pipe doesn’t have to be an aesthetic sacrifice! Aluminium waterpipes combine an elegant and modern style with strength and durability, and can be easily tailored to suit your desired look whilst maintaining its unique strength. 

Aluminium Is Corrosion Resistant 

Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide coating, allowing it to be highly resistant to rust, a huge benefit given the pipes have prolonged exposure to water. With the option of powder coating in an array of styles and colours, not only is the lifespan of your waterpipe increased to about 30 years, but you can do so in style. 

Compared to its cheaper counterpart, PVC, aluminium does not decay under direct sunlight or through simple wear and tear over a short time. 

Aluminium Rainwater Systems Require Minimal Maintenance 

A powder coated aluminium rainwater system requires very little maintenance. As long as the gutters are kept free from leaves and debris, and surfaces are kept clean with warm soapy water once per year, you will be guaranteed to enjoy a lifespan of decades. 

In contrast cast iron requires repainting every 5-7 years to keep rust at bay, which is not only costly but vastly time consuming. 

Aluminium Rainwater Pipes are 100% Recyclable 

Just when you thought aluminium couldn’t get any better, it is also the most eco-friendly option! Being 100% recyclable with no degradation of its qualities it is extremely green. Remelting aluminium only requires about 5% of the energy needed in the initial production of the metal, so it can be used over and over again! 

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Aluminium Rainwater Pipes can be Bespoke 

Thanks to their lightweight nature allowing aluminium pipes to be cost-effective, it is super easy to personalise your water system to fit your project perfectly. Whether you are working towards a traditional, modern or unique look, aluminium rainwater pipes can be made to measure for your project. 

Additionally with our coatings in a vast range of colours, you can achieve the looks of other metals for a fraction of the price. 


For any of your waterpipe and guttering needs, we can provide trusted help and advice along the way – especially with design and material choices. The key benefit to using HJA for your roofing and guttering needs is that we can provide a complete system from bespoke fabrications to soffits and louvres. We would be happy to help you achieve a fully matching and integrated coping and guttering package for your next roofing project.

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled technical experience in the aluminium trade and the understanding and care we provide for our customers. Our business principles are the foundation of our company – reliability, consistency and quality. 

We understand the quality and efficiency that is required by our customers and we deliver every time. 

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